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Pros and Cons of using a Penile Pump


An uncountable number of men fall victims to erectile dysfunction which is also known as ED. However, men should not worry much about it due to the availability of many products in the market that is part of solutions to this problem. The pump is a major solution available in the market today. Nevertheless, you should understand its pros and cons before embarking on its use.


Before running into any medical store or pharmacy to buy this device, you should first learn how it works. It keeps the male organ in an airtight seal that removes any available air surrounding it. The pressure from the pump allows your blood to flow into it which in turn inflates it more. This may take a minute or more, and the results are impressive although they are not permanent. After you remove the organ out of the tube, it goes back to the original size. In case you will want the erection prolonged, all you need to do is to place a constriction band on its base. By doing this, you can extend your erection to get enough sexual play.


This pump is more advantageous in solving erectile dysfunction when compared to other treatments, from the low risks it has. Although the pump can injure theorgan if it is not properly used, it remains to be the better option if you start looking for side effects. Before you start using the pump be keen on reading the instructions and follow the procedures drafted down by the production company or the urologist.  The Bathmate pump has no any side effect from its use.


Most medications used for treating erectile dysfunction are expensive and have a big negative impact on your budget whereas most of these treatments are recurring. With the pump at your disposal, you will have bought it once, and you will remain using it for a long time while it is in good conditions.  Moreover, the pump is non-invasive saving you from surgical or insertions of different things into your internal parts of the male organ. Know more about penis enlargement at


It will be unfair if no disadvantage of its use is mentioned in this article. The pump is limited to people who have the sickle cell anemia that can be susceptible to blot clots or bleeding. If you have this condition, you should consult your doctor first. If it is not used appropriately, you may have some blisters or redness that may be caused by over pumping. Therefore, one should be cautious to avoid over pumping it since you only feel a lot of pleasure when it is over pumped and may fail to realize when you have exceeded the required pressure level. Try it now!